We are Cooper Cleaning

Our Story

Cooper cleaning was formed in 1997. Its goal and objective were to provide our clients with an outstanding service that values our customer’s needs and support them in achieving their core business. We offer a wide variety of cleaning services and we have an excellent team who have experience delivering services in Hospitals, Retail, Dental centers, GP surgeries, Factories, Corporate Offices, Schools, Showrooms and many more.

We understand that each customer’s needs and priorities are different and therefore we strive to deliver a customized service, whilst offering exceptional customer service, and a commitment to providing you with colleagues who care about your requirements, who are reliable and have an excellent work ethic and subscribe to our values when it comes to service delivery.

Our Philosophy

Cooper cleaning operates on the simple philosophy that ‘Every single customer matters”. This is shown by our approach to service delivery, our emphasis on customer care and the training we provide to our staff.

At Cooper cleaning, we make it our business to understand your needs. This means that all our work is specifically undertaken to efficiently meet the outcomes that you demand.

The presentation of your business gives a lasting impression to your visitors, employees, and clients. At Cooper cleaning, we can always be relied upon to keep your workplace in a pristine condition. Our access to hi-tech equipment and networks with experts in the industry allow us to offer the very best cleaning service to you.

You can trust us

Trusted, experienced and excellent service delivery

Our company

We provide cleaning services that are designed to create an environment which reflects the highest standards. We work hard to ensure the level of service we provide significantly contributes to your staff well-being and establish a welcoming environment to your clients and visitors.

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